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L.A.Parker here. I know it’s been a few years since anything new has been posted, I didn’t even realize this blog was still getting views. So I would actually like to start working on it. The homework help I think is something to definitely keep, but I am curious to know if anyone would be interested in reading a blog that a a focus on dealing with mental disease? As someone who has some disorders I think it would be good to have some content out there for people who may be struggling psychologically. Not a lot of people understand the feelings of people with psychological issues or can fully grasp it, so I think it would be interesting to explore and maybe change the blog up a bit somehow.


3 thoughts on “New Content

  1. Thanks for the good work. I’m teaching Freshman Comp at a community college in Lakeland, Florida. I am referring my students to your article on “Seven Common Symbols in Literature” with a possible research paper prompt to analyze a common symbol occurring in several works.

  2. I think exploring mental health issues is a great Idea! My favourite article was “7 Common Symbols in Literature” and the ‘Color of Silence’ was beautiful. Please keep posting short stories and helpful articles and keep up the good work!!!:)

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